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What is Airline Mogul?

Airline Mogul is an internet browser game, based on other games of a similar aviation theme. It allows a person to create and manage an airline in a large multiplayer environment over the internet. Players can play in either publicly auto generated worlds, or in private worlds. Private worlds allow players to play on their own or with others using the time period and geographic region of their chosing. Worlds can run from 12 real days (one game year) up to 2 real years panning the start of Commercial Aviation in the early 1900s to the present day.

Brief History

Airline Mogul Black & White
Airline Mogul Red Theme
Airline Mogul Revised Red Theme

Airline Mogul was created in October 2005 by Stephen Murphy and Kevin Denny. Initially there was a public forum setup for idea generation and feature selection. This continued until the new Airline Mogul forums were created on netsoc.dit.ie with the first version hosted on this server also.

The first version was a slow start, working through the user area, gates, aircraft and create route. The first ever website design was actually a black and grey one, with a totally different logo. But when a new logo was submitted a new concept with a white website was created. Initially there was a small community involved in Airline Mogul, totaling around 75 players. Login and Registration opened for the first round on Christmas Eve (December 24th) 2005. From there Airline Mogul continued with a variant of the current website design to add new features such as aircraft leasing, something that wasn't too common in the games of the time (Project AirWave and ClearSkies were some of them).

By the summer of 2006, the game's interest had waned a little, with slow development progress and a mature round the game was losing pace. At the end of the summer, new features and fixes were added--including a re-vamped create and edit route to replace a previously bugged version. Despite a set of fresh scripts, there were continued issues with the loadfactor algorithm.

The game developed further in line with developer's skills. A Finance page was added, allowing players to see how much money they were making every month. This addition was coupled with a cash flow log (Operations Dept) for a complete itemized breakdown of costs and transactions of each airline. The cash flow logs were the start of a revamp of most pages on the website, with a fresh look to the tables and improved formatting it acted like a template for the rest of the site.

New design

On the 4th of October 2008 a new era in AM started when another new design was launched bringing it into the 21st century. This new design has also brought two major new features: Private Worlds and a new Aircraft Market. The addition of Private World's was a big change for the game, it still remains one of the few online airline games that offers fully customizable worlds for players to create. These new features fueled the growth of the game as large numbers of new players joined the game.