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Route list of an individual aircraft
The orange aircraft is currently flying the route

Hotswap is when you replace one route with another without closing it, or when you replace all routes of an aircraft with another aircraft.
When you close a route and create it again, you will lose the passenger bonus earned by having the route operating for a long time. By hotswapping, the route stays open, but you swap the aircraft.

Hotswap Route

To hotswap an individual route, you can click on the Icon hotswap.png icon in the route list, or on the 'Swap Aircraft' button when viewing an aircraft. It will open in the same window or tab.
After clicking, you will be brought to the normal create route page where you can select the new aircraft, the price, and everything else as when editing a route.
If the aircraft previously flying on the route has enough time left to fly the route, it will be marked orange when selecting an aircraft to distinguish it from other aircraft.

Hotswap Aircraft

Here two similar aircraft are selected for hotswapping

If you want to move all routes flown by one aircraft to another aircraft, then you can swap them easily. Go to View Aircraft and find the aircraft on the list you want to swap. Select the checkboxes for those aircraft and click on 'Swap Aircraft' in the bottom of the list.

  • You must make sure all routes can be within range of the new aircraft
  • You must make sure all routes can be flown by the new aircraft within 24 hours
  • You must select the same amount of old aircraft to be retired as you select new aircraft to replace.

After clicking 'Swap Aircraft' the system will try its best to transfer all the routes and scheduled maintenance to the new aircraft. If it encounters an error, it will stop and display an error message.
Possible errors could be:

  • The aircraft selected to replace does not have enough range to fly some or all of the routes.
  • The aircraft selected to replace does not have enough time to schedule all routes (it's too slow or has too long a turn time)
  • The number aircraft selected to replace do not match the number of aircraft to be replaced