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Leasing aircraft is a quick way to get more aircraft in your fleet without having to pay the full price of the aircraft. Leasing an aircraft costs you a monthly fee.

Leasing an Aircraft from the Market

Different aircraft for lease on the public market.

To find an aircraft you can lease, you must go to the Aircraft Market. Aircraft for lease have their own section. When choosing an aircraft it is important to note the monthly fees, the lease type and the length of the lease. The monthly leasing fee can be divided by 24 to get the daily cost of lease. The length of the lease (Lease Time) is the number of game months the aircraft will be available for you after accepting the aircraft. It is always possible to return an aircraft ahead of time with no penalty.

Lease types

There are three different lease types in the game:

Dry lease

The airline operating the aircraft pays all maintenance and staff costs, while the owner of the aircraft pay none

Damp lease

The airline operating the aircraft pays all staff costs, while the owner of the aircraft pays maintenance

Wet Lease

The airline operating the aircraft have no additional costs, while the owner of the aircraft pays both staff and maintenance costs

For worlds created before April 2020, the only lease type available is damp lease.

Leasing an Aircraft to Another Airline


If you have aircraft sitting around doing nothing, you can lease them out. This can be done from the aircraft's own page. By clicking on "Lease Aircraft" on the right side of the View Aircraft page, you will be able to lease out the aircraft.

  • Lease to: Leave empty or write Public Lease for a public offer. Write an airline name for a private offer.
  • Lease Time: The number of months the aircraft will be leased out. The time starts counting when an airline accepts the lease.
  • Monthly Rate: The monthly rate of the lease. This needs to cover acquisition costs and your maintenance costs.

While the aircraft is offered on the market, you can change the three parameters, but not if the lease has been accepted by an airline.
An airline can return the lease to you at any time, but will not get any monthly fees refunded - even if only leased for a day.