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The Operations Department is where you will see more detailed records of all financial transactions of your airline.

Operations Department overview

The left-hand column will show detailed records and the right-hand column will have summaries of all incomes and expenses. The default view is revenue from ticket prices (i.e., the sum of all route profits).

Clicking on any of the Icon zoom.png icons will show detailed records of that particular row. You will see detailed daily records for the most recent three months and monthly records for older records.

Ticket Revenues includes all route income from ticket sales.
Miscellaneous Revenues includes on-board services only.
Fuel Expense is how much you have paid for fuel.
Staff Expense includes all staff - administration, operations, pilots, cabin crew, customer service, etc. Only staff directly affiliated with your airline is included here.
Miscellaneous Expense includes airport landing fees and on-board service cost.
Aircraft Leasing is how much you have paid for leasing an aircraft.
Gate Costs only includes gate rental costs. This is both for costs for rented gates and built terminals.
Aircraft Maintenance includes direct maintenance costs only.

Base or Focus City Creation includes costs of creating a new focus city.
New Aircraft Purchases is simply what you have paid for new aircraft until now.
Used Aircraft Purchases is simply what you have paid for and received for used aircraft until now.
Alliance Dues includes any fees for joining or creating an alliance.
Route Research is what you have paid to research, create, and update routes.

Retained Earnings