Selling an Aircraft

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If you want to get rid of one of your aircraft, it might be a good idea to sell it. Before you can sell an aircraft make sure it is not operating any routes.

Aircraft details page
Selling a single aircraft

How pricing works

The price range is calculated based on the value of the aircraft such that you never can put a price lower than 50% of the value and never higher than 133% of the value. Value decreases over time, so these limits change too.

Sell a single aircraft

To sell one aircraft only, go to the aircraft's page and click on 'Sell Aircraft' at the right. You will get presented with the aircraft's value and the price range you can use. If you want to sell the aircraft to a specific player (Private Sale), enter the players ID number in the box labelled 'Sell to'. If you want the aircraft to be available to all players, just enter '0' or leave it empty.
Now you enter the price you want to charge for the aircraft. Make sure it is within the price limits (between -50% and 133% of value). When you click 'Put for sale', you will be greeted by a confirmation. You can now go to the aircraft market to see your sale.

Sell multiple aircraft

Mass-Sell Aircraft

To sell more than one aircraft at once, you can use the mass-sell aircraft feature.
Find it by going to 'Aircraft' -> 'Mass-Sell Aircraft' in the top menu.
Of the aircraft presented on the list, select the ones you want to sell by checking the check-boxes on the right of the list. At the bottom of the list there are two input fields. The first field is for the user ID if you want to make a private sale. If you want to make the sale publicly available, just enter 0 or leave the field blank.
The next field is the price setting. Set the price as percentage of aircraft value, then click on 'Proceed'. The list is now updated with only the selected aircraft, and the price they would have when put on the market. The aircraft are not put for sale yet.
You can now repeat the process until you have reached a satisfying price. This time, instead of clicking on 'Proceed', you click on 'Sell Aircraft'. A confirmation message will show telling you the aircraft have been put on the aircraft market.

Editing an Offer

To change the price or availability of an aircraft on the market, you first go to the aircraft market. By clicking on 'Aircraft offered for Sale or Lease' you will be presented with a list of all the aircraft you currently have on the market. To the right of each aircraft on the list, you have three options: modify the sale, remove the sale, or check the check box. If you choose to modify the sale, you will be presented with the same page as when selling a single aircraft.

When clicking on remove sale, you will be asked for a confirmation.

Mass Edit Aircraft Sale

If you check the check boxes, you can mass-edit or mass-remove the sales at the bottom of the list. By selecting 'Modify Sale' below the list, the selected aircraft will appear on their own list. There you can edit the price and ID of the user you want to sell to. If you want the offer to be publicly available, just type in '0' or leave the field empty. When done, just press 'Update Info'.
If you would rather remove the aircraft from sale than just edit them, just press the 'Remove from Sale' button at the bottom of the list. You will now have to confirm the removal of the selected aircraft.

To remove an aircraft completely from the market, simply press 'Remove' and confirm your choice.