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The Aircraft Market is where you buy, lease, and sell used aircraft. Usually you will find lower prices here than for new aircraft.
Explain the main page
Explain the different sections and the new table sorting/lookup
How to sell an aircraft
How to sell an aircraft
Link to all the sub-pages
Hotswap features need to be explained
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To Do List


Gates - about gates in general, how they are sorted and categorized, price levels, number of gates, a sentence about terminals, etc...
Fleets - what are fleets in AM? What do they do? What don't they do?
Inactive airlines - how long it takes, what happens when an airline becomes inactive, how to "re-activate" it
Airline Logo - short text about logos?
Aircraft Search - explain how it's used and what makes premium better
Aircraft Market - is it needed? Or just integrate it in Buy Aircraft?


Find and fix red links (I have added many links that are red right now but can redirect to existing pages by using a different link. I'll get around fixing them -Matias)
Change € sign to €
Translate the Quick Start Guide


About Airline Mogul
Admin Panel - done, -Matias
Alliance- done, -Matias
Brokerage System- done, -Stephen
Create Route done, -Matias
Create Base done, -Matias
Private World done, -Matias
Operations done, -Matias
Buy Aircraft done, -Matias
Rent Gates done, -Matias
Staff Members done, -Stephen
Terminals done, -Matias


Hints and Tips for New Users? -done, Matias
Tips for New Users into Quick Start Guide?
Choose Aircraft and Buy Aircraft? done, -Matias
Brokers and Brokerage System? Since not many official brokers are active right now.
View Latest Aircraft and Buy Aircraft?


Aircraft Main Page
Selling an Aircraft
Tips for New Users
Lease Aircraft done, -Matias
Quick Start Guide
Forum to include in-game forum
Focus City and Create Base
Public World
Operations Dept
View Aircraft
View Airports (more about departing and arriving)
View Gates (sorting options)
View Routes done, -Matias


Choose Aircraft
Lease Aircraft done, -Matias
Selling an Aircraft

1993matias' notes

This is but a bunch of notes for me to write the full article. -1993matias


How to sell an aircraft

Hotswap features need to be explained

- - -

  • Gates: Redirect to glossary?
  • Airline Logo: A short guide on how to upload a logo
  • Fleets: Flesh out on 'View Aircraft'-page
  • Inactive airlines: Write about 'View Airline' and the different parts of that page. Perhaps to be part of 'Rankings' page?
  • 'Edit the route', redirect to 'Create Route', which should contain an entry about route editing and costs thereof.
  • Features market: What, why, and how much
  • Hints: Redirect to 'Tips for new users'?
  • Hotswap: Redirect to glossary?
  • Lease: Link to the aircraft market explanation?
  • Message centre: What is there to say? I guess clarification of which messages go where?
  • OCP: Redirect to glossary?
  • Private sale: Redirect to 'Selling an Aircraft'? Fix the links.
  • Route map: explain AMMap? Or is that dead? - SM: Not dead, just needs a complete re-write.
  • Airplane Data Update to reflect recent changes