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Guide rapide de démarrage (FR)


To register simply go to AM Register and fill out the form, don't leave anything blank. The username cannot have any characters such as @ in it, so you may have problems registering if you try to use these.


Once you have registered for the game you should receive a confirmation email. Click on the activation link on the email to activate your account, then visit the login page and put in your email address along with your password to login. If you forget your password at any time use the forgot password function available there. If you can't log in or activate your account, you can contact staff on Staff.gif from your registered email. Let our staff know, they can activate the account for you.

Once you login for the first time you will be brought to the World Selection page. On the top of the page, it tells you how many tokens you have (you start out with 40). You will notice a wide selection of worlds you can join. Pick your favourite one and click "Join World". You will be brought to a screen where you have the following information to fill in: Airline Name; This should not be anything sinister or vulgar, names are checked so use something imaginative! Real world airline names are not allowed due to copyright reasons, so be creative! Airline Code; This can be in IATA format (eg. EI) or ICAO (eg. EIN). The most common type in Airline Mogul is the ICAO or 3 letter code format. Operations Airport; Selecting this has a two fold effect. Firstly it gives you 1 gate (which is 10 slots) at the airport of choice (some worlds offer more gates), but also it gives you a restriction to basing your airline operations on the continent on which that airport is located. You can only open up new bases there, although most worlds does allow for foreign bases on other continents.

Setting up your first route

Routes are the way you earn money. Some routes are more profitable than others, but as a rule of thumb more passengers equals more money. Before we decide on an airport to fly to, we need to know how far your starting aircraft can fly. Click on Aircraft -> View Aircraft -> the magnifying glass at the right of the aircraft on the list. The range is listed on the right side. Now you can find a suitable destination airport, here we will use the gate search ('Operations' -> 'Gate Search'). Choose an airport within the range of the aircraft and rent a gate (you can use OCP to rent a gate without having to open a new page).
When you have rented a gate at the airport (don't rent a gate at your base, you already have gates there), go to Operations -> Create Route. Select the departure airport, these can only be your bases (or alliance members bases). Then select the arrival airport, this will be the airport you rented a gate at. Remember, each gate has 10 slots, allowing up to 10 flights per day.
You are now presented with the competition (if any) on the route. Click on 'Continue to Timetabling'.
Select an aircraft. If there are no aircraft on the list, you don't have any aircraft with enough range/free hours to fly the route. Try another pair of airports closer to each other.
On the next screen select a price and a frequency. Optimal frequency is 0.5 (one-way), but it is generally recommended to fly with a frequency of 1 (round-trip). Remember, you can select whatever frequency you want here. Change the price to adjust your loadfactor. High price = low loadfactor; low price = high loadfactor. Keep the loadfactor at 100% with the highest price possible, this gives the highest profit.
When you are satisfied with the profit, click on 'Create Route'. You can add a flight number, but that is optional.
Congratulations, you have now created your first route! Repeat these steps until you can't fly more routes with your aircraft.

Final Note

When the game reaches the end of every month, your bills for fuel and gates are totaled and charged to your account, so on the 1st day of the month your cash may drop very low. If you had planned to order anything make sure you hold onto enough cash to do so. Also remember that, unlike in real-life, Airline Mogul months only have 24 days (one day per real-time hour). You can find the time scale by searching the word Time.

Enjoy the game and if you want, drop into the forums to say hello.