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Welcome to the Airline Mogul Wiki.

Airline Mogul is a free online airline management game. The manual is the preferred resource to learn about the game's features and mechanics. If you have any questions, you can always look here for answers, or post on the forums or reach out to the Staff for further clarification.

Wiki Contents


About Airline MogulAbout Airline Mogul & a brief history
GlossaryA list of terms that you may not know the meaning to
Staff MembersA list of staff members & how they can be contacted
Rules and Penalty PoliciesSeveral rules that players should be aware of

Quick Start

Quick Start Guide (FR)Learn how to start your first airline
Tips for New UsersTips for new users
Frequently Asked QuestionsCommonly-asked questions (and the answers)

Game Play

Public WorldJoin other users in Public Worlds
Private WorldCreate or join your friends in your own private world


OperationsOperating statistics for your airline
View RoutesView all your routes on one page
Research RouteIdentify what aircraft can fly on a route before creating it
Create RouteCreate a new route

Airports and Gates

Rent GatesRenting gates allow you to start service
View GatesView all of the airports you rent gates at
Return GatesReturn an unused gate
TerminalsBuild your own terminal at a congested airport
Create Focus CityCreate a new Base or Focus City to add operations
Gate SearchSearch for gates at airports you do not serve
Hubs and Focus CitiesCreate a new Base or Focus City to add operations
View AirportsView operations at a given airport


Aircraft Main PageStatistics on the aircraft in your fleet
View AircraftView the aircraft that you own or operate
Choose the Right AircraftIdentifying the right aircraft to buy
Order BooksProduction lines for new aircraft
Airplane Data ExplainedAircraft performance data explained
Aircraft MaintenanceAircraft require maintenance, read about how the system works.
Aircraft listA listing of all aircraft available in the game

Aircraft Market

Buy AircraftBuy a new aircraft
Selling an AircraftSelling an aircraft in your fleet
Brokerage SystemHow the brokerage system works
Game BrokersA directory of all current and previous brokers
View Latest AircraftView aircraft available this game year and next game year

Airline Management

Finance ScreenView your finances
Operations DeptDig into detailed cashflow statements for your airline
AlliancesOverview of the alliance feature
RankingsSee how you compare to other airlines in the ranking
The Admin PanelYour airline name, code and logo can be changed here



Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.