Tips for New Users

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Game Rules

  • First and foremost, familiarize yourself with the Game rules. These rules are enforced regardless of situations. The AM admins are quite hand-on, and they actually do checks on users. Don't get yourself in a bad situation. Read the rules.


  • Routes are the way to earn money in this game. The more routes, the better, so create routes to every airport within range of your base.
  • Airports with higher passenger numbers naturally generate more passengers. Routes between larger airports can have a higher ticket price and therefore bigger profit.
  • When you first start, try buying expensive gates, as they are usually much more profitable. Even if the monthly rental for the gate costs more, usually the profit you will make from a route with more passengers is worth it, considering that your first plane will be your best one for a nice while until you can afford something even more expensive.
  • Don't go above 1x frequency on your routes - the extra profit you get from 2+ frequencies is much less than the profit you could make from doing another route with the aircraft.


  • As a small airline, it may be a good idea to lease a few aircraft cheaply in order to expand. Once your cash has grown, you can return the leased aircraft and purchase one, or merely purchase for expansion without returning any leased aircrafts.
  • The aircraft all have different range, speed and capacity. These all affect the aircraft's usability and profitability. Choose the most suitable aircraft for you.
  • Game brokers can sell you aircraft at a discount. Find out if your world has any brokers by giong to the aircraft market.


  • If you join an alliance, you would be able to operate "alliance routes" from someone else's base, but other members would also be able to operate "alliance routes" from your base. Note that some alliances may not allow this.
  • Try not to compete with your fellow alliance members on routes (this may not be a rule at your particular, however it is a good rule of thumb)


  • Keep track of events in AM by visiting the forum.

Messed Up?

  • Are you hopelessly in debt with no chance to recover? Do you wish to restart your airline on another continent? E-mail Staff.gif from your registered e-mail address will reset your airline - remember to include your user ID (found in the top right)