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Note: The term "focus city" is interchangeable with "hub" or "bases".

The top part of the gates table shows you how many domestic and foreign focus cities you are using.

In Airline Mogul, a Focus City is an airport from which you can create routes. Each world in Airline Mogul has a limit to how many focus cities you can hace, split into Domestic and Foreign focus cities. A domestic focus city is any airport within the continent of your first focus city. For example, if your first focus city is London Heathrow, you are free to open another domestic focus city anywhere in Europe. Each new Domestic focus city uses up one of the allowed focus cities (in other words, it uses one domestic focus city slot).

Some worlds may allow for foreign focus cities. That simply means any airport outside your initial continent. A foreign focus city uses up one foreign focus city slot, but also two domestic focus city slots. Keep this in mind when opening a focus city outside your home continent!

Worlds with different number of allowed focus cities. The number in [brackets] is for foreign focus cities.

For example, if the world has a [2]7 Focus Cities listing, that means you are allowed any combination of the following:

  • Up to 7 domestic focus cities
  • Up to 5 domestic focus cities and 1 foreign focus city
  • Up to 3 domestic focus cities and 2 foreign focus cities

Some worlds allow for infinite focus cities, that is shown by this symbol: ∞

It is also possible to create routes from bases of members of your alliance, provided that alliance base has enough alliance route slots available and that you have a gate at that airport.

Check the Create Base page for further information on how to create a new Focus city.

Geographical Discrepancies

In order to make the game more balanced, there are some slight geographical discrepancies that one should be aware of.

  • Mexico, Caribbean nations, Bermuda, and other Central American countries are all classified as its own continent: Central America
  • Turkey and Caucasus (Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan) are classified as the Middle East
  • Australia and New Zealand are part of the Australiasia continent
  • All of Russia is part of Europe, all of Kazakhstan is part of Asia