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The Admin Panel shows you most of the things necessary to manage your game account.

Airline ID

This section shows your airline ID. You cannot change this number, as the game needs it to identify your airline.

Password Changes


Changing your in-game username and password, as well as your registered e-mail address, can now be found in the Profile section.

Airline Brand

Your airline name and airline code appear here. Click on Change settings to change either.

One of the more common issues when starting your airline is trying to find a 3-letter Airline Code that has not been used. You are allowed to use letters and numbers; in addition, avoid trying common combinations like AAA, ABC, 123, as well as real airline codes. Once you are registered, you can change your Airline Code to any 2- or 3-letter combination that haven't been used yet.


Shows whether you got new messages in the game or not. When clicked it directs you to the Message Centre.

Optional Features

The Features Market allows you to select premium features like Glossary#OCP and improved Gate Search.

On-Board Service

Money generated from sales are dependent on price, as well as the number of passengers carried by the airline. Prices in each field can be set from €0.00 to €99.99. Revenue from meal and drink sales will be reflected in the Misc. Revenue line of your Finance page. Any changes to the meal and drink prices only affect routes created or edited after the change. In order for other routes to reflect the new price, you must edit the route.

To change prices, click on "Change prices". After editing your prices, click on "Update Prices".

Holiday Mode

Usually your airline changes status to inactive after three weeks without activity. Activating holiday mode changes this to five weeks.

This is where you can upload a logo for your airline.

Route Map

Clicking this will show the route map for all routes served by your airline. Traditional route map lets you see a zoomable flash version (Main Route Map) or the same map that is shown when checking your airline in the rankings (Great Circle Mapper). With the Great Circle Mapper it is possible to select individual bases to see their routes alone.

In-Game Manual

The In-Game Manual will display hints and useful information on several pages.