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The Finance page shows you everything you need to know about the financial side of your airline. To go to the Finance page, click Finance on the navigation bar. The Finance page can be split into two sections: revenue and expense. Note the page is formatted into two sections by giving you a total revenue and, separately, total costs.

Also, the left and right columns show different data. On the left, you'll find your daily income and costs, such as ticket prices and staff expense, to date. This a running total of all revenues and costs accumulated in this month. The right column shows your Projected Totals. This means the amount of money that has gone in or has been spent at the end of the month, providing none of the amounts change.

Finances Overiew



All the money you make, mostly from ticket prices but potentially also from outgoing leases and Meal/Drink sales, goes under the revenue section.

Ticket Revenue

This is the money coming in from ticket sales. Ticket Sales make up your Daily Operating Contribution, or DOC. Ticket revenue will be transferred to your account at the end of each day. The DOC shows you exactly how much money you will receive at the end of that day.

Misc. Revenue

This is the revenue from Meal & Drink sales.

Lease Revenue

The lease revenue shows the money you make from outgoing leases.



Your costs consist of fuel and staff costs. These costs are paid for each game day and are counted in your DOC. Gate rental, maintenance and leasing fees are paid for at the end of the month.

Fuel Expenses

Fuel costs are factored in already when you create a route, but they are listed here again for your convenience. For each flight, you have to pay for the used fuel. The fuel usage of aircraft types vary, with turboprops being more efficient than turbojet or turbofan aircraft. Every year the fuel cost adjusts, matching closely to what the average was for that year in real life. The game will automatically adjust your expenses as the fuel cost changes.

Staff Expenses

Staff costs cover Pilot and Cabin Crew/Flight Attendant expenses. They are based on an hourly rate that includes the time the crew is on duty as well as some additional preparation time before every flight.

Miscellaneous Expenses

Miscellaneous Fees are fees that you obtain from the services in your airplane. In the Admin Panel, you can set the prices of your meals and drinks. If they are set too low--for example, €0.01--you will lose money from having extremely cheap food and wine. There are also airport handling changes that are included here, each airport will charge higher rates at busier airports and lower rates at quieter airports. The size of the aircraft will also impact the rate airports charge per flight and per passenger.

Gate Rental Fees

The total value of gates you have rented, make up your gate rental fee. When renting a gate, you'll notice a rental fee (ranging from €50,000 to €350,000), which you'll have to pay for each gate you rent from that airport. The gate rental fee is withdrawn from your bank account at the end of every month.

Maintenance Fees

All your airplanes need regular servicing, and your Maintenance department will take care of that automatically. However, you'll have to pay a fee, depending on the size of your fleet and the age of your planes, at the end of every month.

Leasing Expenses

If you have leased airplanes from another airline, you will have to pay a specified amount per plane at the end of each month. Lease fees are transferred at the end of each month, so keep that in mind when spending money near the 24th of each game month.

Total Profit

Profit and Loss

At the end of the list, the last gray bar shows you the total profit (or loss) of your airline every month. It is very common, at the beginning of the game month, for the left side to show a loss (in red). As long as your projected profit (the right side) is positive (in black), you have nothing to worry about, except making that number grow. If the right side is also red, you need to reorganize your airline or, perhaps, ask for a reset.

Operations Department

Just above the Finances table, there is a link to the Operations Department. You can click this link be able to see more specifically where you spent your money on, or which parts of your business give you the most income. Click on the individual title names (tickets, miscellaneous, etc.) to be able to see your daily expenses.