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General Questions

How long is a game day?
A game day lasts 1 hour. There are 24 game days in a game month. Thus, one real 24-hour day is equal to 1 game month. There are 12 game months in a game year.
Help! I need to reset my airline!
If you are in a public world, then please e-mail Staff.gif from the e-mail address you registered to play the game with requesting for a reset.
If you are in a private world, you need to contact the world owner to request for a reset. If the world owner is inactive, then e-mail Staff.gif from the e-mail address you registered to play the game with.
I bought tokens, but I can't seem to redeem them
Sometimes, the transaction ID we get from PayPal is different from the one you get. Email us at Staff.gif for us to add the tokens to your account.

Game Questions

It was just the 24th of the month, now it's suddenly the 1st! Why?
A game month in Airline Mogul only lasts 24 game days. This is to coincide with having 24 hours in a day since a game day lasts one real hour.
How come my money disappeared at the 1st of the month?
All monthly fees - e.g., gate rental fees, leasing fees, and maintenance fees - are taken out at the end of the 24th of the month. Depending on the number of gates and number of planes (owned and leased), this could cause a significant reduction of available cash at the 1st of the month. As long as your DOC can recoup those costs (obviously, the quicker the better), there isn't too much to worry about.
What happens when the is no time remaining in the world?
Simply put, the game is over. Pick a new world to join and start a new airline. The world stays accessible for a short while after it ends, but is archived to save space on the server.
How can you make any money when it costs €350,000 to rent a gate?
Gate rental fees are paid once per month while route earnings are daily. Thus, a monthly gate fee of €350,000 will correspond to a daily expense of €14,583 per day.
I'm in debt. Can I buy or lease a plane?
Unfortunately, no. You can only do certain functions while in debt--e.g., rent gates, paying marketing fees for route research--but you must have cash on hand to purchase or lease a plane.
What is the difference between a hub and a base?
A base allows you to create routes from that specific airport. A hub is just another word used sometimes.

Route Map Questions

Why did my route map disappear? Why won't my route map load?
There are a number of reasons that this can happen:
  • The route map tends to stop working after you have established a certain number of routes (somewhere between 1500-2000).
  • You are flying to an airport that cannot be found in Great Circle Mapper
  • Browser issues - it has yet to be determined why it is happening
I have a route to Madrid-Cuatro Vientos (MCV), and the airport is showing up in Australia on the route map!
This is an issue with Great Circle Mapper, not with the game.
I have a route to Liberal Mid-America Regional (LBL), and the airport is showing up in Malaysia on the route map!
This is an issue with Great Circle Mapper, not with the game.
I have a route to Harbor Springs Municipal Airport (MGM), and the airport is showing up in Columbia on the route map!
This is an issue with Great Circle Mapper, not with the game.
A certain airport is in the wrong location within the country, how can this be corrected?
The latitude/longitude coordinates may be incorrect in the game. If you can find a reliable, non-Wikipedia source for the information (such as Great Circle Mapper), please e-mail the correct coordinates (in decimal form, please) to Staff.gif.

Aircraft Questions

How do I get more aircraft?
You can either purchase new aircraft, purchase used aircraft, lease them from another airline, or request them from a broker or another airline.
What planes are the most profitable?
There is no "most profitable" plane. Each plane has lots of variables (speed, number of seats, etc.), all of which affect the price. You should try and find the best plane for you. For example, there is no need to have a plane capable of going 6000 miles to do short domestic flights. The extra range will increase the plane's cost. Try to find something with less range. Remember, the very large planes in AM are not profitable. Things like 747s, MD-11s and A340s will often cost more in maintenance than you will make back in tickets.
How important are: speed, number of seats, age, fuel usage?
Speed: the speed of an aircraft will slightly affect the fare you can charge; however, this is minimal to non-existent depending on how competitive the route is.
Seats: more seats will mean you make more money, however it becomes increasingly less profitable to use larger aircraft. The optimal number of seats will depend on the route itself. To put it in another way, number of seats corresponds directly to price of aircraft, however profit slows down in its increase, so that at high seat levels, little extra money is made over lower seat levels (this can in fact be less profitable due to the increased running costs). It is difficult to make a generalisation about the correct number of seats.
Age: maintenance costs far outweigh the initial purchase costs. Older second hand planes (as in more than a few years) are only useful to small airlines who intend to replace them fairly soon. The discounts you get will be far less than the extra costs from maintenance.
Fuel usage: a plane that burns a lot of fuel compared to one that does not (all other things equal) will obviously affect route profitability. Fuel usage is determined by engine type (e.g. turboprop, turbojet, tubofan or piston), engine number and production year.
How can you calculate block time?

Block time is calculated in one of two ways

Legacy block time is the time it takes from departure until the aircraft is ready to fly its next route. A one way flight can be calculated by dividing the flight length by the aircraft speed (e.g. 1000 miles / 500 miles per hour = 2 hours), then you have to add the turnaround time (e.g. 0.4 hours) to get the total (e.g. 2 + 0.4 = 2.4). For a return flight you just have to multiply by two.
Updated block time calculation, on worlds where it shows Progressive Flight Paths & Block Times enabled, the calculation takes into account different speeds at different stages of flight. Takeoff, and climb are slower than the average cruise speed. The takeoff sequence may add up to 10 miles to the flight path of the aircraft as well. Cruise maintains the existing calculation. Descent will be at close to cruise or a slower speed, with the late stage of descent being much slower and taking a longer distance. For more congested airports additional distance is flown because of arrival procedures. To calculate the block time for these method please visit the Research Route page.
I just created a route, but the plane I wanted to use is not being listed.
  • Make sure your aircraft has enough hours left to perform at least a 0.5-frequency flight.
  • Make sure your aircraft has enough range to perform the flight. Some aircraft have different engine variants which will determine its speed, range, and fuel usage.
  • Review the plane's existing routes. Is it logical for the plane to do that route? Pay particular attention if the plane already has two 0.5-frequency flights.
Can I move planes from one world to another?
How is maintenance calculated?
The current maintenance formula takes into account the age of your aicraft and their value. This leads to situations where you are replacing your fleet every 5-10 years to keep maintenance costs down.
In the future we are working towards a maintenance calculation that also takes into account the cycles and hours of each aicraft and whether you have a mixed fleet or similar aircraft (fleet commonality).