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Overview of some public and private worlds

What are Private Worlds?

Private worlds is a recent addition which allows the player to create their own Airline Mogul world. Private worlds require 30 tokens to join. dd

How to Create a Private World

A selection of different maps with a full world set of continents

You can create a private world by clicking on 'Create Private World' on the world selection page. On the first page you can select which continents to include, on the next page you can select in more details which countries are included. The following continents are in use in this game - Some airports are assigned to a different continent than their geographical location due to game balancing:

Continents in Airline Mogul
North America Europe Asia
Central America Middle East Australasia
South America Africa Antarctica

On the next page you can select different variations of the continents you have selected. A world like 'Former Soviet Union' will give you the countries that used to make up the Soviet Union. Minimum number of gates is used to not include any airports smaller than that (gate numbers correspond to passenger numbers at the airports). A world with no airports smaller than 201 gates will have fewer airports than one with no airports smaller than 101 gates. Select one to continue.

Different options for your private world
Some worlds are more expensive to create than others

On this page you can choose the specifications of your world.

  • Starting year
  • Game length (one game year is 12 real days)
  • Starting gate quantity (usually 1 or 2 is a good number)
  • Starting aircraft (available after you select starting year)
  • Starting aircraft quantity
  • Maximum bases - number of bases on home continent
  • Maximum foreign bases - each foreign base also uses two normal base slots
  • Starting cash
  • Password - leave empty to have no password and allow any player to join
  • 'Aircraft types - select whether to include business jets or not
  • Maximum players
  • Route map type
  • World name - optional, leave empty for no name

After you have chosen the specifications of the world, you can calculate the cost in tokens by clicking on the 'Calculate Cost'. At this stage you still haven't created the world, so don't panic! You can still modify the specifications of the world and then re-calculate the cost of tokens however times you wish without charge. Most options change the cost of world creation.
After you have selected the specifications and are happy with the outcome, you may create the world. You will need to enter your airline details just like you would when you join a game created world. After that you may need to enter the password of the world again to enter the world only if you chose the option to include a password in your world. When you have created the world, you have 24 hours to create/edit routes before the game starts.

Advantages of Private Worlds

  • Create your own world to your own specifications
  • Play against only your own friends in your own private world

Disadvantages of Private Worlds

  • Private Worlds are not looked after by the AM admins. The world creator has the power to remove any players they want, without token refunds.

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