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Buying aircraft can be done in three ways. There are some differences, but it is pretty straightforward. If you don't want to spend the money all at once, you can also lease an aircraft

Choosing the Right Aircraft

Airline Mogul has a large number of aircraft in-game, all modeled as realistic as possible. You can always find the aircraft you need, but you'll still have to consider your options. Airplanes have various different statistics, but here are the ones you should be paying much attention to when you're new to the game. To see an explanation of all the numbers, see Aircraft Data.

Aircraft price is calculated automatically based on different factors. This means that while actual prices might be very different from real life, relative price differences are more reasonable.
Naturally, larger, faster, and long range aircraft are more expensive.

The faster the aircraft, the more routes it might be able to fly. But a faster aircraft will also use up more fuel.
For long routes, speed does make a big difference, since most of the flight is spent at cruise level. For shorter routes though, much time is spent in other phases of flight, thus speed makes little difference on short flights. Keep the mission type in mind when choosing how fast your aircraft should be.

This is the maximum route length the aircraft can fly. Fuel usage and price is somewhat dependent on it, so don't get aircraft with more range than you need.
Some aircraft have several engine variants to choose from, which usually changes the range of the aircraft.

Large aircraft can earn a lot of money on the right routes, but are not suitable for smaller routes. Larger aircraft cost more money to buy and operate.

Fuel Consumption
Turbojets use the most fuel, turbofans use less, turboprops even less and piston aircraft use very little fuel. Due to technological advances over time, more modern aircraft will use less fuel than similar, but older, aircraft. It makes very little sense to fly aircraft from the 60ies several decades later.
Fuel consumption is influenced by aircraft size, speed, and engine type (turbojet, turbofan, turboprop, and piston)

Buying New Aircraft

By purchasing new aircraft directly from the manufacturer, you will be able to select exactly the aircraft for your needs. You can buy an aircraft from the manufacturer list on the Aircraft main page, or by using Aircraft Search. New aircraft take time to build, so delivery times can vary from 24 game days for small airplanes, up to 268 days for large aircraft like the Boeing 747-400.

This section describes the old purchase system. Worlds created after the 8th of May 2021 use the new Order Books system

Choose the Aircraft

Right hand side of View Aircraft page

To buy a new plane, first you need to navigate to the Aircraft page. Then select a manufacturer under the "Purchase Aircraft" section. You can also select "All" to see a listing of all available aircraft for purchase. There is a similar drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the View Aircraft page.

After you have clicked Select, you will see a list of all planes made by that manufacturer. Planes are sorted by name first, but you can sort using different data by clicking on anyone of the gray headers (for instance Seats). The different characteristics are explained here.

Once you've found the desired aircraft, click Buy next to that aircraft's data. This will navigate you to the next page, where you can select which engines you want.

Selecting an Engine and order quantity
List of aircraft available from this manufacturer right now

Select Engines

Some planes have different choices of engines. This page will tell you if there are any choices, and will allow you to make the final decision. Once again, the page shows you the details of the airplane, but this time, watch out for any differences between various engines, as some engine choices may offer better range, speed, or fuel usage--thus, may be more expensive than others.

If there is only one engine choice available, then there will be no drop-down menu in the Engines row.

Confirm Selection

When you have selected the engine of your choice, select the quantity of planes you want to order. You can buy 1-100 plane(s) per order. The Total Cost will update every time you change the engine (if possible) or quantity. It will also tell you how many game days it will be before your planes are delivered. The amount of aircraft ordered will not change delivery time.

Place your order

If you are satisfied with your order, click on Proceed. Warning! Once you click the button, you cannot cancel it!

If you have sufficient funds for the order, you will receive a confirmation


This column shows when the aircraft will be withdrawn from production. After that year, you cannot order the airplane anymore. For instance, when the withdrawn-date says 2000, you can order the plane until the end of December 24th 2000. The airplane will be delivered as normal. After December 24th 2000, you cannot order the airplane anymore.

Buying Used Aircraft

Aircraft Market main page

Airline Mogul also has a used market, where airlines can sell and lease their old or redundant aircraft. You can navigate there by going to Aircraft Market. The Used Market lists all planes in two categories: Aircraft Sales and Aircraft Leases. The lists are sorted by name, but it is possible to sort by different data, or search for anything.
By purchasing a used aircraft, you get the aircraft right away without any delivery time.

When you've found the aircraft you like, you can buy or lease it by clicking Buy or Lease next to the aircraft. The specified amount of money will be deducted from your bank account, and transferred to the original owner of the aircraft.

With used aircraft, you won't have to put up with a delivery time. However, there may be a premium mark-up to the price above the original new price of the aircraft.

Buying Aircraft from Brokers

Airline Mogul has appointed official brokers, which are tasked with leasing and selling of aircraft. More often than not, you will see a post on the in-game forum with information about their prices. The brokers will take your orders, and supply you with the aircraft you want, for a lower price than normal. By using the brokerage system, you defer part of the payment until you have received the aircraft. The workings of the brokerage system can be found by clicking here.